First blog post

Welcome to our Blog. This first post is the why of our Blog, starting with some background about Deep Democracy.

What is deep democracy and how does it help us?
Deep Democracy is both a concept and tool developed by Arnold Mindell.
It enable us to connect with all the parts and voices within ourselves and amongst us. It provides us a means of tracking the feelings within us which we so often marginalise within and project onto Others.

It enables us to meet one another from this place of a felt sense, rather than only from the polarised headspace we create. It is time for us to facilitate ourselves and each other not just within the rational head space that has too often been the home of debate.

This blog is a space for each of us to give voice and vision to our dreaming worlds: to develop as facilitators of deep democracy within the emotional space that informs and fuels our feeling sense.

It is our hope that the conversation will attract people who think and feel differently, but all have at heart a desire to find and articulate a common ground on which we can all agree. So that all our conversations can give birth to a new form of politics in which all voices are heard and met, not marginalized, and all voices and people contribute in the building of our common future on this planet.

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